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California Smog Station License Defense Attorney

When smog stations are being accused of falsely certifying vehicles being tested for compliance with emissions standards, they may face the suspension or revocation of their licenses. At The Law Offices of Michael B. Levin, our attorneys provide experienced license defense counsel to smog stations throughout California.

California drivers are required to take their vehicles to smog stations periodically for emissions testing and certification to ensure emissions are within specs. Cars have equipment to minimize the emissions, but when these break down, they can be expensive to fix. California has sought to enforce its regulations by using undercover cars, video surveillance and data reviews to catch those who allegedly seek to “game” the system. Our lawyers represent smog test and repair stations, and smog test only stations, that are facing disciplinary action from the Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR).

California Smog Station License Revocation/ Suspension Lawyer

Smog stations can get in trouble with many different alleged activities, including:

  • Clean piping, where they insert an exhaust probe into a vehicle other than the one that is being certified
  • Clean plugging, where they use the OBD II plug from the test analyzer to plug into a vehicle other than the one being certified
  • Failing to spot missing or tampered equipment in “undercover” vehicles frequently used by BAR to catch unsuspecting licensees

The Bureau of Automotive Repair often runs undercover cars through smog stations to see if they are complying with the regulations. They also conduct video surveillance of smog stations that are suspected of illegal activities, and review “vehicle inspection data” (VID) to find patterns of illegal activity. It’s a “three strikes law!” If a smog station gets three citations based on these types of violations, the station may lose its license. Many cases can be settled by stipulation (agreement) with the Attorney General acting on behalf of BAR, prior to litigation.

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